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Andrew S. Zucker Andrew S. Zucker: has close to 25 years representing clients in all aspects of the entertainment industry: Emmy-winning actors, motion picture and reality television production companies,  start-up satellite broadcast companies, Internet concerns, and television networks themselves. 

In addition, Mr. Zucker has experience formulating strategic joint venture relationships for entertainment and computer software companies in the U.S. and Japan, having lead the way the way to establishing proprietary online and Internet businesses. He proposed and successfully carried out multiple agreements with companies such as the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, USA Today, CNN,, UCLA Bookzone, GolfWeb, EarthWeb, Virtual Vineyard and BigBook.

Mr. Zucker began his entertainment career as an attorney at ABC Television, handling issues relating to the licensing of prime time and childrens' programming and talent. After starting his a partnership in 1993 (Lowy & Zucker), in 2000 he was invited to join the law firm of Isaacman, Kaufman & Painter where he continues his focus on television, Internet and corporate law. Current and major clients have included Brillstein Grey Entertainment, Pie Town Productions, Inc., Patchett Kaufman Entertainment, New Frontier Media, Inc. (NASDAQ: NOOF),  and numerous actors and television personalities. 

His knowledge of television and music made it possible for him to assume a pioneering role in the burgeoning field of multimedia. Mr. Zucker wrote an editorial for Billboard Magazine cautioning of the many opportunities and unseen dangers which lay ahead in New Media. He believed that the Hollywood community and not computer programmers should lead the way in the new field. Thus, he was inspired to approach Philips Interactive with the first agreement for a Hollywood movie star to appear on a CD-ROM, a deal he successfully negotiated for his client, Mickey Rooney.

He founded the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences, a non-profit Hollywood organization designed to unite the computer and entertainment industries. Over five years, he built membership of over 500 individuals and companies. He published books and articles and promoted monthly educational meetings to bridge the gap between Hollywood and Silicon Valley. His goal was to produce a televised awards show for computer games similar to the Oscars. 

Mr. Zucker executive produced the awards show, Cybermania, hosted by Leslie Nielsen and Jonathan Taylor Thomas, which he successfully licensed to Turner Broadcasting Company. He produced his second awards show with Bravo, which became the first awards show on the Internet.

Mr. Zucker is a member of the Board of Governors of the Century City Bar Association, and the Pomona College Parents Council, among other organizations.

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